In a gentle way, you can shake the world
— M.Gandhi

Anna Rak is an actor, director and producer, hailing from a small village near Krakow in Poland and currently residing in Silver Lake, Los Angeles.  

Anna initiated a much needed injection of cultural relevance into the theatre world by Co-Founding and serving as Artistic Director of the Eastern Bridge Theatre Troupe, which specializes in providing a platform for foreign artists to share their stories. The company’s first two plays ‘The Story of Two Poets’ and ‘Strings: An Original Play’ received rave reviews citing : "The Story of Two Poets can be said to be a unique production: not only does it mark the Troupe's first bilingual production, but this bilingual aspect in general is also rather a delicacy in the world of theater." (BWW) and "Strings is so clever because of how it takes such a simple idea and compels the audience to think about quite a few things at once - those changes that bring about a sense of nostalgia even within people who were not there to witness this change firsthand." (BWW)

Before the creation of Eastern Bridge Theatre, Anna trained at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio of Acting in New York and continued to engage with the institution by being part of the Outreach Division, an ongoing series of theatre projects for the inmates of detention centers in New York City for over a year.

After over 3 years in NYC, Rak traded coasts to express herself artistically in film in addition to theater. She lives on the peaceful eastside of LA with her partner creating new and exciting projects together. They enjoy travelling around the world both on vacation and for business. One thing is for certain: Anna believes in living in the moment and the infinite power of storytelling.